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(Above image from USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service showing which counties have feral hogs 2019)

All aspects are covered here.

  • Private service providers only want to sell their services.

  • Public agencies cannot advertise or promote private service providers.

We cover it all here. A comprehensive collection of resources, guidance, and recommendations.

Videos and articles.

Descriptions of the depth of the problem, case studies.

Public organizations.

County and State agencies, academic institutions, resources.

Private equipment vendors and service providers.

Hunting, surveillance, and trapping equipment vendors. People who will perform these services, usually for a fee.

Analysis and recommendations.

What is the best method for you and your situation? Advice and cost/benefit analysis. What to expect.


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The laws in every state are different. Check out the differences. The differences are fascinating!

The problem is massive. Here are videos and articles describing the problem in general.

The solutions are basically hunting and trapping. Hunting involves guns, scopes (day and night vision). Are you going to do it yourself or get someone else to do it?

Trapping and hunting go together. You will likely trap the largest number (as this generally gets you the biggest number for the least amount of time and resources), and hunt those you cannot trap. At least this is my recommendation for most people. And are you going to do it yourself or get someone to help you?