I'm here to solve your feral pig problems! Throughout the process, I will
treat you and your property with respect. Here's the process:

  • First I visit your site to assess the situation and…

    • Set out bait.

    • Monitor site with a cell phone-connected camera.

  • When we are satisfied that the location is good, we put up a trap.

  • Once the sounder is comfortable with the trap and all sounder members will enter the trap, we set it.

  • Continue to bait and monitor the trap until we catch the sounder.

  • Trapped hogs are removed, either dead or alive depending on our agreement and available resources.

  • Repeat as necessary.

I either charge by the number of hogs removed, per trip, or some combination, depending on our agreement.

This is a comprehensive hog removal service, not just a hunter looking for a free hunting lease.

Call me! 347-878-8667
Or email FeralHogSolutions@gmail.com
Serving Central and Southeast Texas