Trapping is a game of strategy. Some of the best and most informative video footage comes from They post many videos on their website and youtube.

Pigs have to be conditioned to accept and be comfortable with the trap. This is a gradual process. For example, when you're setting up your trap, you might start with the stakes and outline the Trap. Continue to bait the trap. Then come back a day or two later, after they've been there, and continue to add pieces. You'll know from your surveillance pictures, whether they are all comfortable enough with the trap to enter. This could be the part that takes the longest, as there often is one or two of the older adults that will stay outside for a long time before they finally feel comfortable enough to go in. Again, this conditioning is critical. And at some point you might have to accept that one or two will never go in. These will have to be hunted and shot after the others are trapped.