You might find Trapper who will do it for free. I don't think it's very likely because a serious trapper realizes you might have large numbers which means it's going to be quite an operation to get rid of that large number of hogs. Someone offering to do it for free, is likely to just have a trap that’s going to catch a few of them that they are going to eat themselves. This is my impression from having studied many people's websites and read lots of the state agency literature.

You'll notice most of the service providers listed are in Texas. You can see from reading their websites, a varying degree of professionalism. Does the website appearance correlate to the performance and results of the provider? Note: Jager Pro documents results of many of their projects. See my Cost/Benefit section where I summarize some of their and other people's results.

How to find someone to get rid of your feral pigs/ feral hogs

A simple search for "feral hog control in South Texas" or "feral pig control in Arkansas" or "how do I get rid of feral pigs in Mississippi" is a beginning. Pay attention to what services they offer. Do they trap and hunt? What type of equipment and strategies do they use? How much do they charge? (check out my Cost/Benefit analysis). Are they offering to trap and hunt for free? Where are they located?

Below is a sample of service providers in Texas. Each one here is very different from the others, and shows the range of providers you are likely to find in your area.

Service Providers